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At SMT LABS our Key Account Managers (KAM) visit their clients regularly. We believe it builds a trustworthy relationship, keeps us aware of our clients’ needs and creates the opportunity for growth. Please read the discussed documents carefully and discuss it with your KAM at your next meeting.




Sample submission form


Please start using the updated form as soon as possible.
All samples collected/received shall be accompanied with a completed and signed submission form.

Terms & Conditions


We have updated our Terms and conditions to better stipulate our agreement with our clients.  Please read it carefully and ask your KAM about anything unclear.

Customer take-on form


This document is an exceptional way of communicating your precise needs to us.This document needs to be updated yearly.  Your Key Account Manager will make an appointment with you to fill it out.

Non disclosure agreement


Please read through our Non disclosure agreement and send the completed form to your KAM.

Important notification

In the case where no submission form is received, the client will be notified.  SMT LABS will wait for a response from the client before testing commences and this may influence the turn around time of testing

In the case where fields in the “To be completed by the client block” are not completed, the procedure above will also be followed.

Should any discrepancies be detected with the samples or submission form the client will be informed.  Issues regarding the samples must be resolved before processing in the lab may start.

January news

Dear ally in Food Safety,

SMT LABS hopes 2019 is a year of great happiness and success for you and your company. Have a wonderful new year!
We have some important news to share with you, which will save you time, improve the quality of your products and better the service we provide to you.

SMT LABS (Pty) Ltd. are microbiological laboratories situated in Bloemfontein and Johannesburg. SMT LABS (Pty) Ltd. was established in August 2013 by Shirleen and Bernd Theisinger. Shirleen is a PhD candidate in Microbiology and gained her knowledge and experience as a microbiologist by working in various kinds of food laboratories. Bernd Theisinger is the financial and operational director.

Our vision is to grow into a top performing company in microbiological testing in South Africa. We focus on excellent customer satisfaction, constantly strive to improve all our standards and attempt to limit the laboratory’s impact on the environment.  We incorporate the latest technologies and newest testing methods to guarantee accurate results. We ensure that the products we test meet the customer’s and regulatory requirements.

Our Unique Selling Points

SMT LABS JHB is now accredited and is situated in Randburg.  SMT LABS BFN have extended their scope of tests at the end of 2018.  See the SMT LABS comprehensive list of tests below.

Please contact your Key Account Manager to make sampling arrangements for January.
If you are a new client, please contact Rozanne at or 051 880 0102.

SMT LABS comments on the Salmonella outbreak in KZN

Quick facts

  • Contrary to popular belief, Salmonella is not only associated with chicken and fish.
  • Although contaminated foods are usually from animal origin, such as poultry, pork, raw milk and eggs, other foodstuffs (e.g. vegetables and fruit juices) may also be contaminated.
  • One would think that the shell of an egg is the perfect barrier to ensure that Salmonella does not enter the egg, however in some cases infected chickens produce eggs that contain Salmonella even before the shell is formed.
  • Interestingly, some outbreaks have previously been traced back to contaminants in spices!
  • Contamination of foodstuffs does not necessarily occur due to contact with animal feces or contaminated water, but can also originate from infected individuals that do not wash their hands after using the bathroom and then handles the foodstuffs in production and/or packing facilities.


Why is Salmonella dangerous?

Salmonella causes salmonellosis and in some cases typhoid fever (only caused by certain strains of Salmonella). Common symptoms of salmonellosis are headaches, fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and cramps. These symptoms may appear as early as 12 – 96 hours after infection. With the correct treatment, salmonellosis may be resolved within 5 – 7 days. It can however cause more serious infections in infants, the elderly and individuals with a compromised immune system.

Top Tips

1. In the warmer months of summer, Salmonella flourishes and special care should be taken to keep the cold chain of your raw materials and final products in order to avoid increased numbers of bacteria.

2. SMT LABS can help you with regular testing of your products to ensure outbreaks are prevented fast and effectively.

3. SMT LABS can test various matrices to identify the source of contamination in your facility, including surface swabs, hand swabs, boot swabs, rectum swabs, fluff, animal feed, water and food products.

4. SMT LABS turnaround time for Salmonella testing is 3-5 days.

5. Prevention is better than cure – test today, improve tomorrow!