For your convenience we compiled some interesting facts about the new Amies swabs we are using:

  1. Moisture, provided by the transport medium, is critical for the survival of micro-organisms in samples – it keeps bugs moist!
  2. Vi-Pak’s unique combination of metallic foil and barrier plastic film stops liquid evaporation and media dehydration, ensuring that swabs transported in liquid medium are always moist.
  3. Fantastic stability – blocks oxygen entry!  The metallic foil and plastic film block oxygen entry, preventing unwanted oxidation of the transport medium. The performance of the medium and product performance are extremely stable.
  4. Contact your Key Account Manager if you have any other questions.

Our value proposition:

SMT LABS are very proud of our excellent courier service.  We make it our mission to deliver sampling material to our clients.  We also arrange the pick-up of samples at your facility.  Our rates are competitive and we service the smallest to the biggest towns.

See the list Kim Exp AREA LIST 2018 for areas that Kimberley Express service.  For everything else, there’s Aramex!

Price increase – effective 1 July 2018

As mentioned previously, SMT LABS will have a price increase effective 1 July 2018.

Our core values are:

  • Client service
  • Personnel development
  • Profitability
  • Accountability
  • Excellence

It is our mission to continuously improve the sampling and billing process to make it simpler, better and faster!

Please contact Bernd Theisinger, should you have any further enquiries: 072 247 9990.

Good luck with any upcoming audits you may have!  Remember, we can assist with test scheduling and provide trending reports to make your life easier!