Frequently asked questions

Q: What tests can you do at SMT LABS?

A: Refer to

Q: Are the results confidential?

A: Yes, we are bound by SANAS regulations and will only send the test report to the person indicated on the customer take-on form.

Q: Do I need to bring my samples to the lab?

A: You may choose between delivering it yourself or we will arrange a pick-up and delivery with a courier company, saving you time and trouble.

Q: Where do I get a sampling kit?

A: SMT LABS will arrange the delivery of your sampling kits before your sampling date.

Q: Which are the best swabs to use for sampling?

A: 1. Amies gel swabs for enumeration tests and 2. Sponge stick swabs for detection tests.

Q: Who does the sampling at the facility?

A: It depends on the company policy.  Some clients have been trained to do the sampling themselves.  We also provide training to the quality manager at the facility regarding sampling protocol.  Other companies prefer that SMT LABS personnel do the sampling at the facility.  A sampling fee is charged per hour and per kilometer traveled.

Q: How do you use the sponge stick swab?

A: Click on the link SPONGE-STICK swab instructions

Q: How do you use the Amies gel swab?

A: Click on the link Amies swabs – instructions